Veterans sacrificed so we could vote. Why arenít we?

Saturday, November 2, 2019

There is a strong sentiment in our communities for support of American troops and recognition of our veterans, and rightly so.

The sacrifices they have made to protect and preserve our freedoms should be held in the utmost regard.

Which is why it is odd that one of the freedoms they fought to preserve for us ó the right to vote ó is not used by so many of us.

Tuesday, Nov. 8, is Election Day.

In 2016, this election marked the selection of Donald Trump as president. Voting set records in Butler County, 68% of active registered voters showed up to cast a ballot. We set records with about two-thirds of residents turning out to select the leader of our country for the next four years.

Next year will be another presidential election, with several already contested local races. A big turnout will likely be expected at that time.

But this November, voters are also being asked to weigh in on matters that impact the future of our community. Poplar Bluff residents are asked to decide if the city should implement a use tax on certain internet purchases.

Not even 10% of residents are expected to vote Tuesday. After all, only about 7% turned out in August to decide the future of the Highway 67 tax and future road projects.

We think itís a poor return on the sacrifices that have been made for this right, one which we know residents of other countries continue to fight and die for.

We also hope predictions are wrong and Tuesday will see as many interested, informed residents casting ballots as are commenting on Facebook posts that day.

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