Letter to the Editor

Justice: I will not back down

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Reply to letter to the Editor:

Recently, Tyler Travers, a Poplar Bluff area resident now working in the state Capitol, wrote a letter to the editor urging voters in Southeast Missouri to vote for any other candidate besides me. He lambasted my decision to run as a conservative Republican and my intentions to join with like-minded conservatives in the Senate. I think his letter cuts to the heart of the issue: as someone working in the Capitol, he wants to see moderate, wishy-washy Republicans over staunch conservatives, and he hopes the people of Southeast Missouri agree with him.

While I appreciate his insights, I will refuse to compromise my values and beliefs, which I believe are the values and beliefs of the people of Southeast Missouri. I am a conservative. I believe in patriotism, limited government, low taxes, and protecting Missouriansí Constitutional rights. I will not back down from this.

Some people prefer moderate candidates because they are more willing to compromise and to maintain the status quo and prop up the establishment. But thatís not what I seek to do. People are tired of candidates who are not true to their word; of politicians who talk a big game with no follow through. That is why we, the people, elected Donald Trump in 2016, and why we will continue to support him and conservative outsiders going into 2020.

As state senator, I will first and foremost protect the peopleís constitutional rights and expand the cause of liberty. I will fight for the right to life and to protect the unborn. I will fight to protect our Second Amendment right to bear arms.

And that means I will also fight to protect the peopleís right to keep their medical information private and out of a poorly managed and compromisable government database while doing everything in my power to curb the prescription opioid crisis in our state. I donít want Missourianís medical information stolen or the right to privacy forfeited.

To Mr. Traversí point, I will not back down when it comes to protecting the rights of the people. The people of Southeast Missouri can count on that.

Eddy Justice,

Poplar Bluff

Republican candidate for Senate District 25