Letter to the Editor

Inspire others to be a Difference Maker

Friday, September 6, 2019

Dear Publisher,

I’m very honored and humbled to be nominated for the first annual Difference Makers in Poplar Bluff. Many thanks to the DAR and all their employees who made the evening a memorable one. Thanks to Amber Hornbeck for her wonderful article highlighting my service to Sacred Heart Church, school and community.

Thanks to all the donors who supplied items for our gift bags and all the co-sponsors. The dinner meal catered by the United Gospel Rescue Mission was tasty and very much appreciated. Thanks to Janice Duncan for the nomination and friendship. To all my co-workers and library aides who helped during these past 26 years, you’re the best. Thanks to my loving family for their support and encouragement in all my volunteer projects. Thanks to Fr. Daniel and the evening’s speaker, Janet McNece for their words of inspiration and encouragement. All of us have God-given talents inside of us waiting to be discovered.

Here is one of my favorite quotes, “Somebody will step up and volunteer, let that somebody be you.” Congrats to all the nominees and our winner, Becky Winters. I hope everyone attending the evenings event will inspire our community. Be a Difference Maker!


Shelley L. Ploetze, Librarian

Sacred Heart School, Poplar Bluff