Local support is from small businesses, not Amazon

Thursday, August 8, 2019

I read on Facebook the other day of a person who was so very proud of herself for her ‘easy’ back-to-school shopping experience online. She also bragged of finishing the shopping up on Amazon.com and how simple this has made her life for school shopping. Being a local small business owner, I guess I think about this a little more than the ‘average shopper.’

My only comment to this person, especially since this person is on a local school board, is to make sure when your child is selling items for their school to make monies to put into the school, is to contact those online businesses, such as Amazon.com and see if they will support your school by taking out an ad, buying candy bars, candles, oranges or Christmas wreaths, or even possibly paying taxes toward your school district.

Before you shop next time, think about where that money is going, and who it is supporting. When the rest of us small businesses are gone, maybe it will make them think a little more!