Speak Out 12/8/15

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back police,

stop chaos

Well, once again, America, it looks like the national media is fanning the flames of hate toward the national police force. And by that I mean, this incident that occurred at a high school in Charleston, S. C. Not one of our national media group were willing to show the student taking a closed fist and striking the officer BEFORE she was decked or floored or as they say, slammed and removed from the classroom.

What are the parents of America teaching their children? When I was raised the police officers' orders were to be obeyed! But now, it's chaos! You don't have to listen to a teacher. You don't even have to listen the orders of a policeman.

Throw out that race card, America! Yes, sir, you'll get off scot-free.

As we generate more and more chaos in America by attacking our law enforcement officers, and remember "law enforcement officers" remember they are the people that are there to "enforce" the laws of the general society. Without them, chaos abounds. And what grows in chaos? Anarchists know. Socialists know. Communists know. And criminals surely know what grows within the confines of chaos generated when their police actions are curtailed. So, wake up, America, next time you see a police officer give them a thumbs up! for doing a good job trying to rein in the chaos.

I support them wholly and completely. It's about time the rest of our nation did as well.

Cancel their


Hello, Speak Out. Well, it looks like there's a bunch of ball players --I figure most of them if not all are on full scholarship so me and you and every other taxpayer are paying their tuition to go to school and because they don't like something somebody said there intention is to cost a man his job as well as to cost the school millions of dollars. I don't know what kind of contract those people sign to play ball in order to get to go to school for free, but it looks to me like those scholarships need to be cancelled and perhaps legal action taken to recoup the money.

Of course it would probably just be another go around like the deal up here in Poplar Bluff with Mr. Kaplan and all of the taxpayers' money given away to his friends. Just more of the same.

US needs

these weapons

The U.S. needs to build 100 V-2 bombers that can't be seen by radar and can carry nuclear weapons. We also need 100 Virginia class submarines that are hard to find underwater. With these two weapons any country would be crazy to attack us.

We also need to keep the front line support for our troops.

Leaves deliver

telltale sign

An observation--well, it's that time of the year again when the leaves are falling. Believe it or not, you can tell which political party the people are in. Some people will rake and bag the leaves or burn them. The other people will take their leaves into the street for someone else to pick them up. Just a thought.

Did MU folks

honor vets?

Hello, Speak Out. Do you suppose any of those insurgents up here at Missouri University gave any thought to the veterans today? I doubt it. People like that don't think much.