Speak Out 12/7/12

Friday, December 7, 2012

Step forward

to help others

I'm calling because the community responded strongly to idea we would have homeless children in our school district, but with the closing of Guest House and the fact it was closed under bankruptcy, there are these families with children and there are veterans there and there are elderly. They are suddenly forced to move by Nov. 30. They're not getting their deposits back either because it was closed under bankruptcy. So suddenly we have some of the poorest people in our community who are either handicapped or disabled that suddenly must find affordable housing with no deposit, no notice to save money and they need help. Will our community step forward and help these folks find affordable housing and money for utilities and down payments? I am not a resident of this housing, but I am a concerned citizen trying to help. I can help one family, but I can't help them all, so I'm asking our community to step forward and this Christmas this holiday season help these people find affordable housing. Give money so they can make a deposit. Give money so they can set up utilities. In exchange for this you will receive a wonderful blessing of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people in a crisis because these people are in a crisis. Some are so disabled that they can't even walk across the street to get boxes, so what we really need is for our community to come forward and provide boxes for them for packing. Many of them do not have vehicles so we need trucks for moving and if they don't have a vehicle then they can't even live in their cars. And, yes, we do have individuals in our community living in cars. Could you please step up and help them? The elderly. The veterans. Please help these families with children. I'm just concerned for these families and I'm asking for this community that I love. This community that writes how horrible it is that we have homeless children and that we have children with inadequate nutrition. Please step forward this holiday season. Thank you.