Speak Out 6/13/12

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Earth

Shook? Not!

The letter to the editor entitled, "June 3 the Earth Shook." The writer might be surprised to hear it might have shook where he was, but we didn't even feel a vibration. I even asked a neighbor and they didn't feel anything either. They said we hope it doesn't start shaking. I said, yes, I hope it doesn't shake off its axis. The game of cow pasture pool must have a vibrating effect on some people. There is no open politician or any lasting hope in Tiger Woods. Tiger may roar, but you can't prove it by me. If the writer is looking for hope, he is like the majority he is looking in the wrong place. If I am looking for hope, it certainly won't be in the ability of a politician who putt-putt through the local arena or a golfer who putt-putt around a dog-leg golf course. I don't know if America needs Tiger Woods, but I know Tiger Woods needs America. By the way, I went to the dictionary and one definition of hero says "a hero is a model or ideal." Tiger Woods is neither. So in closing, it seems it doesn't take much to entertain the writer. Perhaps he should get out more.