Speak Out 1/25/12

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A warning for

trash stashers

I hope you'll print this, Speak Out. Because it seems that there are people that are stealing garbage service in our community. And, by that I mean, they go and drive around to the local car washes and literally empty out truckloads of trash into the trash depositories at the car washes. Stuffing every garbage can and, yes, they try to even fill the padlocked dumpsters on the site. But, I will say this. The rattle-trap Ford pickup truck with the black exhaust stack up through the bed and the blue Buick forgot to do one thing--cover up their license plates. And, in this day and age, a phone camera is as good an evidence for city police as anything. So, just a little heads up to you "trash stashers," you've been caught on camera! Just a little heads up from a video vigilante. Just don't do it again or the next time we see ya, it's going to the City PD.