Speak Out 10/21/11

Friday, October 21, 2011

EPA oughta

do something

You know this is supposed to be the All-American City, but every year they burn this big rubber pile down and if burn that big old rubber pile down at night time scaring the hell out of people. People cain't breath and nothin' else. They got their tavern down there shooting guns off all night long. Sometimes automatic rifles with motorcycle gangs and stuff down there. Something's gotta be done. This is just a public nuisance. Here it is at night time and they got their big bonfire goin' and the whole county down here is lit up. People out in their yards. Driving up and down the road scared to death. Why do they have to do it at night of they're goin' to do it? I'd say the EPA oughta do somethin' about this and the county trustees oughta be fired for lettin' him do it.

Give all of

them a ticket

I want to call in about all these complaints people are getting about parking around schools. Well, that's why the people drive so poorly in this town is because this is how they are being taught. I don't have a particular dog in this fight, but I just say I've driven past schools. I've seen people that don't have any handicap stickers plop right down in those handicapped spots. The handicapped people fought long and hard to get the right to park closer to the building. Just because you cannot see any handicapped person at that exact moment do NOT give you the right to take that spot. I think that these people that are endangering our emergency care workers by parking on both sides of the street so you could not get a vehicle through--I think they all deserve a ticket. I think I would like to see tax dollars used to try to make some people in Poplar Bluff more kind, more law-abiding and teach the younger people this is sin of your parents or grandparents or whoever is picking you up from school. They made bad choices--that was the cause, now this ticket that they have to pay--that's the effect. I think that all these schools --it's not just one I'm talking about. A lot of them have this same problem. I think if people staggered their times that they would have to pick up their kids after school and I definitely think if you can let your kids ride the school bus, let them ride the bus. That's not a bad experience for a child to have. If they're having a bad experience on there that's a different story--being picked on or being bullied. I'd like to see the police in this town make a more visible interest in writing tickets before and after school.

Sick of Hitler


I saw where Hank Williams Jr. was making an analogy between Hitler and Obama and Biden and quite frankly sick of it. Of anybody comparing anybody else to Hitler except for Hitler because if you didn't live through World War II or you didn't lose a family in a concentration camp--maybe you didn't lose anybody in the whole war--it's kinda hard for us these days to understand how horrible he really was. Just because you don't like something or just because you don't agree with policy let's keep our analogy in control and compare it with something else because that is just over the top! I know we have freedom of speech in this country, but quite frankly, I could care less what Hank Williams, Jr., thinks on any given subject except, perhaps, how-to-write songs back in the 1980s. Because he was a very good songwriter back in the 1980s. He pales in comparison to his father and his own children in songwriting, but other than that, I'm a little sick of hearing about this Hitler nonsense.

Should have

been on Page 1

Yes. I was calling because you have a missing baby at the top of the page --Page 7A--and instead of putting it on the front page of the paper-- you put a band on the front page of the paper?--that seems to be a mix up in priorities. That's what I want to speak out about. That child should be on the front page instead of on the inside. That's just wrong! Thank you.