Speak Out 10/6/11

Thursday, October 6, 2011


brick streets

I'd like to speak out a little bit about something that concerns me--on the brick roads down on Main Street. You know I'm all for the Historical Society. I love history, and I love the fact that they are trying to, you know, get the little hitch posts and historical landmarks around town from our past protected. And, that's wonderful. I think it's a great idea and don't know why it doesn't done long ago. But the brick roads. Now, I can understand keeping a section of them. We have a couple of sections that are nice and smooth and, you know, especially near the court house, not court house, but the county jail. They are very nice there. You know, like from the library coming south. But the parts going north are HORRIBLE! You've got ruts. There's some spaces that's big enough to swallow a, oh, you know, tire whole. It's up and down. It's not very good for the cars and if you were walking, well, my goodness, you're gonna trip. There's no doubt about it, especially if you're an older person. I mean that's just like a law suit waiting to happen. I just don't understand why, if we're gonna keep them, they are not maintained better. They should be smooth the whole way, and I realize they're brick and they are not going to be very smooth, but I mean even so that there's not dips big enough for, you know. You can't push a stroller. You can't walk over 'em when crossing the street. And, the cars -- you really have to drive slow unless you don't care about your vehicle. It just needs to be maintained correctly or replaced. That's my feeling and I know many others. You know, there's been people who do not like those brick roads. You know, I do. I like them for historical reasons, but they need to be maintained correctly and then there would not be a problem. Thank you very much.

Widen Wilcox

Yeah, the Mayor promised that he would widen Wilcox Road. I guess that got put on the back burner by 8 Points though, right? Thank you.

Thank you

for the flags

Just wanted to say thank you to whoever put out all the beautiful flags for Labor Day. They looked so pretty and we enjoyed them so much. Thank you.