Letter to the Editor

To the Editor and Representative Billington:

Saturday, May 8, 2021

According to the DAR (5/1/2021) you are soliciting opinions from those whom you represent on the issue of legislation raising the gas tax we pay in the state. I have previously communicated to you my support of such a move.

This legislation is critically needed, and at the time I commended Governor Parson in requesting the legislature to initiate this action. I have also addressed this issue in other venues. ...

I would comment that in my opinion the current Missouri bill is timid and insufficient.

The increase should be less gradual, and the increase more. .. (The) issue of road taxes of electric automobiles needs to be addressed. When we elect our state representatives we trust that these folk will have the intelligence and the discipline to evaluate legislation and choose the best outcome for the state. These decisions will not always be the most popular. But legislation is not a popularity contest. It is a critical element of governance. I trust that, after due consideration, you will exercise the appropriate judgment and vote for this bill.

Respectfully yours,

Robert F. Canter

Poplar Bluff