Letter to the Editor

Pizza delivery driver prevents fire

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Dear Editor,

Last Monday my fiance and I ordered pizza from Domino’s. It’s a good thing we did, or the fire department would have had to be called.

We live in the county and some people were shooting off fireworks. Well, apparently a spark jumped into a bucket I had in the carport full of dried leaves and plants from the winter, and we didn’t even know it.

Well, we went inside to kick off our shoes and order pizza, not realizing there was about to be a fire in our carport.

Hunter Ward, a driver from Domino’s Pizza, had noticed there was a fire when he came up to the house.

Instead of just dropping off the pizza at the doorstep like he is supposed to do, due to COVID-19 rules of social distancing and contactless pizza, Hunter made it a point to ask “Hey, did you know that there was a fire on your porch and is it supposed to be there?”

I looked out and sure enough, the bucket was blazing and about to climb the roof of the carport. It was also sitting next to a lawn (mower) battery.

My fiance hurried out with the water and able to douse the fire out. If Hunter had not (taken) the measures to tell us about the fire, we would have been awakened by the fire department or maybe not waking up at all.

We would like to give Hunter a big thanks for taking the time to help out someone else. Keep being kind, hope other people can follow by your example. If you see something wrong, tell somebody. It might save someone’s life.

Thanks to Hunter, he saved two cats, two fish, two humans and a dog.

Thanks again.


Ron Rosamond and Donell Brock

Poplar Bluff