Letter to the Editor

Opinion: A Political Witch Hunt?

Thursday, December 5, 2019

To the editor:

I recently heard our U.S. representative from Southeast Missouri, Jason Smith, call the impeachment hearings into President Trump a political witch hunt. I will use this sentence again later.

It is wrong for any president to involve another country in our elections. After the first two days of testimony, it is clear that President Trump did this. What is worse … much, much, worse … is that every odd thing President Trump does, benefits our arch enemy, RUSSIA.

President Trump withheld $400 million in military aid for the Ukraine to fight RUSSIA, only releasing this money once it became known what he was doing. The testimony makes it very clear … there was A QUID PRO QUO. This is confirmed not by political hacks, but by independent lifelong civil servants, some of whom are decorated U.S. military veterans. This withholding of funds benefited one country — RUSSIA.

President Trump suddenly and without previous warning abandoned our fighting allies, the Kurds, and left them to slaughter at the hands of the Turks, benefiting Turkey and Turkey’s new ally — RUSSIA.

President Trump removed sanctions against Russian oligarchs giving them hundreds of millions of dollars to the benefit of their home country — RUSSIA.

President Trump has defended Vladimir Putin against our own country’s law enforcement and intelligence community. President Trump maintains that he’s not sure who hacked the 2016 election, when all of our intelligence community says in a loud shout, “IT WAS RUSSIA.” Once again, to the benefit of — RUSSIA. (and leaving the 2020 election vulnerable to the same outcome).

With President Trump, all roads lead to RUSSIA. Our country is not governed in Washington, at least not wholly — decisions are coming from Moscow. Be it decisions that weaken our European Union allies, or NATO, or actions that further divide the American public … the actions come from the U.S., but you can be sure, the orders came from Moscow.

I am a nine-year veteran of both the US Navy and USAF. I am politically independent. I didn’t serve during the Cold War on the decks of a guided missile destroyer leader, and later as a navigator flying USAF heavy bombers, in order to let President Donald Trump give the country to the Russians. (while he didn’t serve due to “bonespurs”).

Fox News has become simply a megaphone for the White House: don’t watch it. And don’t let politicians like our two U.S. senators, Josh Hawley and Roy Blunt tell you this is simply politically motivated. The stand they are taking … THAT is what is politically motivated. There is no patriotism in this unconditional support of President Trump.

I urge you, I particularly urge fellow veterans, vote those who support Russia through Donald Trump out of office. Unless they change their tune, vote for anyone other than Hawley, Blunt or Smith.

Now back to Rep. Smith’s statement of this simply being a witch hunt. Better look at the president carefully Mr. Smith, he seems to be riding a broom and wearing a pointy black hat.

Vic Martin

Puxico, Missouri