Historic Black River Baptist Church

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Borrowed from the book Butler County: A Pictorial History, Volume II by John R. Stanard

This week's throwback image is of the historic Black River Church in Butler County. The church was organized in 1818 east of Hendrickson and is the oldest congregation in the county. This 1913 photograph shows the third structure occupied by the church, near Keener Resort on the west side of the river. This building burned in 1925 and was rebuilt as a concrete block church on the same site in the amount of $600. A fifth church was completed in 1953 on Hwy. JJ about a mile and a half of Hwy. 67. The church continues to operate as a house of worship today. A feature on the history and life of Black River Baptist Church along with many other interesting stories about people and places in our region will appear in the Daily American Republic's annual Progress magazine, scheduled for release on Saturday, Oct. 26.