Overnight shelter brings residents in from cold

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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The homeless in Poplar Bluff have a place to come in out of the severe cold thanks to the community’s collaborative effort.

The overnight warming station is located at 3001 Warrior Lane.

Bishop Ron Webb of Mount Calvary Powerhouse Church and the Family Counseling Center have joined together with community businesses and individuals to find a way to keep people warm and fed.

“Two appreciative families came to the shelter and spent the night,” Webb said Tuesday morning.

Plans are to keep the shelter open the next three days during another wave of winter weather, the pastor said. The area has seen a prolonged period of sub-zero windchills and expects to see another band of snow overnight.

He said he has heard others are on their way today.

“We don’t want the people staying in gas stations all night and living in tents behind buildings,” Webb said. “We are not going to allow that to happen to people in Poplar Bluff.”

Webb said some may not be homeless, but have no way to keep their homes warm during the storm. They are welcome to use the services, too.

Cots and bedding were donated to the shelter, which is located in the counseling center’s club room.

People responded within an hour of receiving a call for assistance, Webb said. The group has the beds prepared and food to serve.

Three meals a day including breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served. He said Myrtle’s Place Back Alley BBQ had already provided chicken and dumplings and ham and beans.

Webb said, anyone who needs help may call the direct telephone number which is 573-718-1049 between 7 a.m. and midnight or 573-686-1200. Anyone coming on their own should enter at the rear of the building.

Webb said transportation will be provided for those who need it.

Anyone who would like to make donations or to help with the project may call the direct line.


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