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Sunday, January 12, 2020

This past Sunday was Epiphany Sunday. This is the Sunday where some churches remember the visit of the wiseman.

You can read the story in Matthew 2:1-12. We suspect there was three; we donít know their names, nor are we sure where they came from. What we do know is this, they came looking for a king.

The magi left their edifices of study and contemplation to seek out a king. They had no ethnic or theological ties to this king. They were under Roman rule, so they had no political ties. They just wanted to honor this king who prophesy said would change the world.

The thing that struck me most was the fact these men went. They went to Bethlehem; they went to the house; they traveled looking for this baby. From the very beginning, they did not wait for Christ to show up at their doorstep, they went out to find him.

As we look at the life of Jesus, we see the same theme. Jesus went to the poor and needy. He preached in the valleys. He was not a minister in an established church, but an itinerant teacher and healer.

Going to the people and finding the lost is so paramount to the ministry of the church that the Great Commission says, ďGo into all the world and make disciples.Ē (Thatís in Matthew also)

I guess the point I am trying to make is the fact that our churches are not supposed to be standing still. We are a movement, not an institution. The church was never meant to be stagnant nor static. The church is dynamic and vibrant.

This means that while I will continue to encourage you to go to church, I will also be adding an admonition. Now, it is not just about going to church, but also bringing someone with you. Thatís right, now is the time where we need to invite people to church. In essence, it is time to seek out the lost.

We are all called to build the Kingdom of God. This means inviting people to share in the worship, prayer, fellowship and love of the church.

We are now the ones called to seek and find. There are too many people living in the dark. We know where the light is, so letís bring them in.

You know, most people start coming to church because they were invited. If each of us invited and brought someone to church this coming Sunday, the church attendance would double.

Itís not about numbers. Itís about bringing people to Christ. Itís about being a church on the move, not one set in concrete. Itís about following the example of the magi and going rather than waiting.

My friends, as we start this new year, letís all start focusing on building the kingdom.

From this moment on, letís not let a week go by that we donít invite someone to church. Letís make sure that everyone we meet knows that we do not want them to be lost.

Itís time to step up our game.

See you in church.

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