Letter to the Editor

Thank you to Poplar Bluff voters for Highway 67 result

Friday, August 9, 2019

Message of thanks to the citizens of Poplar Bluff

On August 6th the citizens of Poplar Bluff came through once again by voting 88% in favor of finishing what we started with Highway 67 South four lane to the Missouri/Arkansas line.

This is an incredible margin of victory and solidifies what I already knew, that the people of Poplar Bluff do not sit around and wait for things to happen! My good friend Scott Spencer says that our people sometimes argue over petty things but we ALWAYS come together on the things that matter the most. I couldn’t agree more Scott.

The hard work of local heroes like Jim Belknap and Dr. Tom Lawson (and the original Highway 67 board) is now being continued by outstanding leaders like Bill Robison and Mark Massingham. We also have some unbelievable new Highway 67 board members like Todd Bullington, Kenny Rowland, Austin Williams, Kurt Knodell and Lucas Edington.

There are so many people who made this possible but first and foremost, to the citizens of Poplar Bluff who took the time to go vote — THANK YOU! And thank you to all of the citizens of Poplar Bluff, Butler County and the entire region who shop in our community and make this possible because those sales tax dollars fund the project. I would also like to thank Mayor Robert Smith and the city council, my Chamber board of directors (Andy Moore, chairman), my staff (Jeannette Townsend and Samantha Bacon) who spent many hours behind the scenes on this election, all of the current and past Highway 67 board members, Tonyi Deffendall who went above and beyond the call of duty, Jay Eaton/Allen Brooks/ Dr. Wes Payne who gave excellent testimonials on the importance of Highway 67 four lane, all of the 138 team leaders who helped spread the message and get voters to the polls, and Chris Pruett and Donna Farley from the Daily American Republic for such great and informative news stories and editorials.

MoDOT and our federal and state legislators have been great partners and very supportive and we will continue to need their help to finish this last 12 miles.

Also, Eddy Justice played a vitally important role in this process. Eddy was responsible for the ballot language which really spelled out the project. As always, I am proud to be from Poplar Bluff and be part of making our business community prosperous and our roads safer for our citizens and visitors. Next up ………… Interstate 57!

God Bless