Speak Out - June 3

Monday, June 3, 2019

‘Fascinating’ book

I agree with the person who said that all students in the Butler County school districts, Poplar Bluff especially, they should all be taught from Miss Kati Wylie Ray’s book “Poplar Bluff Tornado: May 9, 1927.” Not only should people living in the city limits be taught the history but they should also be taught safety, tornado safety and prevention. Her book tells how, a person who did not live in that era, but how she could find the truth of all these poor people that had died and had gone unnamed what she went through to find out all this information. It was fascinating! I was fortunate to be there when she gave her lecture at the library. She should do like a video tape that could be presented in the classroom because I don’t think people know how this dramatically changed the fortunes of so many families in Butler County and how this dramatically changed the landscape of the whole town. It was an incredibly terrible thing that happened and so many people have no idea about the history. I cannot thank Mrs. Ray enough for her wonderful book. I just enjoyed it thoroughly.

Rate change

Yeah, I heard advertising rate’s going to go up to $28 for seven days for an ad in the paper. Surely that can’t be correct? Can you address it please? Thank you.

Editor’s note: Correct... the rate previously was $23 for three days, it’s now $28 for seven days in the paper and also on the website.