Letter to the Editor

Keep kids away from sex offenders

Monday, May 13, 2019

Twice in the past two months I have had new sexual molestation cases come into my office where the parents of the children have known that the suspect is a registered sexual offender. Our nation believes in due process and the presumption of innocence, which I respect, but I feel that parents would be greatly benefited by keeping their children from registered sex offenders.

The sex offenders will always have excuses and reasons why their conviction was all hogwash, but I wish people would error on the side of caution. In Wayne County parents can Google “Wayne County Missouri Sexual Offender’s Registry” and find out who is on this list. Many of these people may seem nice and look normal, they should not be attacked or harassed, but by no means should you allow your children to be around them without supervision.

If you have family that is a registered offender protect these family members by never allowing any unsupervised contact with your children. Sexual abuse of a child can have very longterm detrimental consequences to your children so lets error on this side of caution.

Michael Anderson
Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney