Board appointments made Outpouring of help praised by city council

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The giving nature of the Poplar Bluff community's response to local flooding was praised Monday night, as the city council voted to appoint another group of volunteers to the committees that advise officials throughout the year.

A "Letter to the Editor" by city manager Mark Massingham, which ran Sunday in the Daily American Republic, was right on target, according to retired city manager Tom Lawson.

"Poplar Bluff always has a lot of things going on. It's the most generous community that I'm aware of anywhere," Lawson said. "It will always be that and we still have a lot of challenges ahead of us."

The letter listed the numerous organizations and city departments that have helped evacuees and flood victims, noting the Missouri National Guard members were surprised by the large turnout of citizens who wished to help.

"The people in this community poured out their hearts and souls with donations and volunteering to help in any way they could ...," Massingham said. "We did not see rioting and looting like you see in some areas of the country when a disaster hits. We aren't that kind of people in Southeast Missouri and Northeastern Arkansas."

When times get tough, the tough get going, and that's the kind of people found in this area, according to Massingham.

City and county officials are working currently with members of the state and federal emergency management agencies to complete assessments of the damaged areas. This information will be used to help determine if a federal disaster declaration is made. This would open up more assistance to flood victims.

The city of Poplar Bluff is still providing dumpsters for flood victims to drop off damaged items. The dumpsters are available at the city's leaf disposal site on County Road 604, which is used for Buff up the Bluff. The same rules apply as for the spring clean up, according to officials, such as no paint and no household trash.

The site is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The following individuals were appointed to city boards:

Airport advisory board: Jody Pitts, Gary Pride, Michael P. Shane, Chris Yarbro

Downtown Poplar Bluff, Inc. Board: Stephanie Knoppe, Rex Rattler, Sr.

Municipal Utilities Advisory Board: Alan McSpadden, Ed DeGaris (voting council member)

Zoning Board Of Adjustment: Matthew Winters, Lonnie Taylor

Animal control advisory board: Lori Beckham

Arts & museum advisory board: Peggy Swingle, Grace Blaich, Nancy Stewart

Fair housing committee: Andrew Murphy, Betty Absheer, Hardy Billington, Rex Rattler, Sr.

Historical preservation commission: Rex Rattler, Sr., Carolyn Rivers Marshall, Mike Walker, Emily Wolpers

Housing authority board: No vacancies for 2017

Library Board Of Trustees: Cindy White, Andrew Murphy, Christy K. Turner, Kathy Sanders

Park board: Dale Dickerson, Eric Schalk, Brock Littles

Planning & zoning commission: Mike Walker, Craig Barwick, Matthew Winters, Mike Smith, Jerry Lawson (city representative), Ed DeGaris and Susan McVey (voting council members)

Disabilities advisory board: Terry Mizell, Sr., Rex Rattler, Sr., Lucy Wheeler, Peggy Swingle

Black River Coliseum Advisory Board: Mitchell Davis, Eric Schalk, Robert Smith (voting council member)

Building standards board: Rodney Reagan, Alan McSpadden, Eric Schalk

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration board: Mike Taylor, Doug Hendricks

Plumbing board: Josh Frey, Joseph Blackburn, Doug Hendricks, Joe Leahy, Mike Taylor

Electrical board: Bryce Huffman, Mark Long

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