Speak Out 6/2/16

Thursday, June 2, 2016


of litterbugs

Litterbugs ARE not insects only trashy people.

An extra star

in your crown

This is to Speak Out. A big thank you to the people that participated in the work of Buff Up the Bluff last Saturday. My garage looks so much better now. Thanks also to the city for the monetary support. All of you have earned an extra star in your crown. Thank you.


contact mess

I wish next year that the Poplar Bluff School District and all the teachers and organizations would all use one method of communicating with the parents! I don't care if it's the Parent Portal, the page where you go to check your kids' grades and you go to check how much your kids owe on their school lunches. I just want ONE METHOD that every single organization has to use to communicate with the parents. It's really tough when you have to check your email, and then you have to check your text messages, and then you have to make sure you didn't miss a phone call. You know, some of us don't live on our phones. I know the vast majority of young parents do, but some of us in our place of work are not allowed to bring our phones, so a lot of stuff that happens I do not know about until the very last minute and it's quite frustrating, but it's got to be just as equally frustrating for the teachers when they get no response.

I would like to see ONE METHOD of official lines that everybody has to go to check for homework, check for after-school activities that the kids have to attend and for the details, and then, if you want to send me a text message or an email for something that does not pertain directly to what my kid is doing at school I'm okay with that, too. But I really get sick of having to download this app and that app and put in this texting -- do ONE WAY. Surely to goodness with ALL the money that we have to spend on this school district that somebody has got the IT know-it-all to do this for us parents!