Speak Out 9/2/15

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tough to

mail a letter

Mailing a letter at the Poplar Bluff Square has become a chore, especially for the elderly. No slot to drive up to for deposit. One must get out of the vehicle, walk up, pull open compartment to make deposit.

Not looking forward to winter, cold and icy days. USPS, please help us.

One of the elderly.

Add links

to e-Edition

I liked the old format of your e-Edition....however the new format is really good. Only one suggestion...add some links...ie. for a quick response via "SpeakOut"....maybe a link to request an account executive for display ads or to submit classified ads or a link to Circulation so one can praise/complain/ or make arrangements for temporary stops and restarts, etc. I know you have some of these links on your website...just for convenience make them available on the eEdition sign in. Great job..thanks for listening.

Seeing friends

in the obits

Yeah, that getting old is when you read that obituary page and that's the only place you find people you know. The police reports and everything else you don't see nobody you know. Just in the obituaries. Thank you.