Involving a minor 3 in Dexter held on sex charges

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Staff Writer

A Stoddard County judge ordered court documents sealed today in the arrest of three Dexter, Mo., residents on sex related charges involving a minor child.

James Mylon Ballard and Paula Anna Ballard, both 41, and Samuel Matthew Poe, 30, were booked Thursday at Stoddard County Jail.

James Ballard has been charged with two counts first degree statutory rape, first degree child molestation involving a weapon and tampering with a victim. There is no bond set for Ballard.

Paula Ballard is charged with tampering with a victim and has a bond set at $7,500 cash, but remained in jail as of this morning.

Both Ballards live at the same Dexter address on Peach Court, according to court documents.

Poe is charged with two counts of second degree statutory rape and one count of second degree statutory sodomy. No bond has been set for Poe, who lives on Condor Drive in Dexter.

Judge Joe Satterfield issued an order this morning that the probable cause statements for all three individuals be closed and made a level 3 confidential court record.

This is due to the involvement of a minor child as the alleged victim, according to court documents.

The statements contain detailed and graphic descriptions of the alleged sexual offenses against the minor child, his order states.

"Additionally, much of the identifying information in the statement cannot be redacted," Satterfield said.

Paula and James Ballard are scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in Stoddard County.

Poe is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday in Stoddard County.

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