Speak Out 6/15/15

Monday, June 15, 2015

Will money

fall off table

There's been such a tremendous reluctance on the part of the city administrators to even consider maintaining that hospital building, puttin' a roof on it and kinda goin' from there, so odds are pretty good it will get sold--cheap! to a good ole boy friend of the city council who will go in and rehab it with federal grant money like some other buildings in town, turn it into high rent apartment space and the city will raise taxes, get 'em a bond issue and they'll build 'em a new office facility and somebody will make a ton of money off the apartment complex that the hospital gets converted into and I guess there will be a enough gifting under the table to make the city fathers happy. Sort of like money falling off of table and nobody notices who picks it up. Like the cable deal.

Thanks, Don, appreciate your allowing people to vent to the world.

Messing in mud

Isn't it wonderful that Poplar Bluff has a place where the dope heads can go play in the mud and then terrorize the whole community as they leave. For God's Sake something needs to be done about that mess up there at the Brick Yard.



This is for the person who called in about the horses coming to the coliseum. It's too bad you didn't go because you missed one of the most magnificent, beautiful, awesome experiences that you could ever imagine. These horses did things that were unbelievable and they were majestic. I wish more people would have showed up because it was so totally awesome. These horses were beautiful, beautiful and so talented. You should have went. I'm sorry that you didn't go and I'm sorry that you didn't agree with the horses that it was beautiful and one of the most magnificent experiences of my life.