Speak Out 3/30/15

Monday, March 30, 2015



I would like to respond to the article about our Department of Revenue new license bureau here in Poplar Bluff. I was there three times this week! Tuesday, I went in and it was packed. I took a number and I needed two things: driver's license and license plates renewed. There must have been 75 people in there, but I was able to get my driver's license done within 20 minutes, renewing my driver's license and I decided not to wait for the other and I came back on Wednesday. Wednesday there was very few people in there actually but I had the wrong paperwork (laughter) so I had to come back on Thursday.

The girls had been very, very nice to me. I can't say enough about how nice they were. I saw them three times this week and each time they were courteous and it was a very nice place so I just want to say something in defense of the people that work there because I think I know as I was there three times in one week. Mostly because I didn't have my paperwork.

So, again, thank you.


Is PB getting what it


Well, folks, if you live in Poplar Bluff when you look up you see the city council above you. When the city council looks up they see Mr. Kaplan's thumb on top of them. I guess it's just how it is. And, good luck with your 20 percent increase in electricity. Of course when electricity goes up, if they do all their accounting correctly, the water and sewer people use a lot of electricity, so your water and sewer bills will be going up also. Of course it takes a lot of money to light up the city streets. Take a lot of money to light up the Municipal Utility building and the police department and the coliseum and everything else. I don't know if the city is still doing free electricity for Poplar Bluff school district or not, but I think they did for like years.

But, anyway, maybe Poplar Bluff is just getting what it deserves. I just don't know.