Speak Out 1/7/15

Wednesday, January 7, 2015



Hello, Speak Out. This morning, Tuesday, Dec. 16th, on KWOC radio on Brittany on the Bluff program, Mr. Kaplan, Poplar Bluff City Manager, was running down our local newspaper, the DAR. He stated that they only printed tabloids. C'mon, that is unprofessional!

If you will keep an open mind when reading the DAR, you will see they are fair and impartial. Brittany said she was going to put their interview on her Facebook. I hope the DAR was notified about the interview so they can see what was said.

Can't believe

what he said

I can't believe what I just read in the DAR Tuesday, Dec. 2nd. They (DAR) do not run the city of Poplar Bluff. Heath Kaplan does. Those words were never spoken by Doug Bagby. Doug Bagby was for the city of Poplar Bluff. Heath Kaplan is for Heath Kaplan. And, I can't believe he wasn't vetted a little bit better concerning the cities he came from are all having problems right now.