Letter to the Editor

Till, Turner a plus for our community

Saturday, November 1, 2014

To the Editor:

Doctors come and doctors go in Poplar Bluff, but Ben Till and Kirby Turner came and stayed, which has turned out to be a great thing for our community.

The two 1964 graduates of the University of Missouri (Columbia) School of Medicine were honored for their 50 years of medical practice in special ceremonies on the Mizzou campus this past weekend. Both are tremendously deserving of the accolades.

Dr. Till joined the Kneibert Clinic group practice in 1970, followed four years later by Dr. Turner. Both continue their busy practices today. As family practice specialists, each has made a major contribution to the primary care of thousands of people in the Poplar Bluff region. Trained in a discipline known as the "specialty of breadth," family physicians approach patient care in the context of family and community. They share a unique and personal relationship with their patients that is built on trust, and they serve as their patients' advocate and guide in our evolving health care system.

Kneibert Clinic and the citizens of the Poplar Bluff area are fortunate indeed to have benefited from the 40-plus years of service from these two dedicated physicians.

John Stanard

Poplar Bluff, Mo.