Speak Out 10/9/14

Thursday, October 9, 2014


pot numbers

Well, it appears the numbers are in from the State of Colorado. And what I am talking about is the fact that the State of Colorado is now selling more recreational marijuana than medical marijuana. Well, there's absolutely no surprise in that, now is there, America? That's the reason why I'm challenging all Missourians right now to start forming coalitions so the same lies that were used in Colorado to pass this to get the medical marijuana and then the recreational sales also pushed through their statehouse never happens here in our state. You need to go online and see the spike in DUI arrests since the recreational use of marijuana has peaked out in Colorado. Frankly, I can't see the reason for these people who want to get stoned. If they want to do it at home--fine. You can buy it illegally on the street. But for our state to sit there and legalize it because they think it's a tax money bandwagon --some sort of panacea that will fix all of their problems--it isn't gonna happen. Cause, again, Colorado was hoping that the sales would well be over $50 million by now and it's not anywhere even close, so don't want to tie your wagon to that string now do you?

Well, I just hope people have more common sense in Missouri than they do in Colorado. God help us if they don't.

Up taxes for

new city hires

I guess they better raise the county property tax to help pay for those two new people and the new city manager who they hired. The new people I guess are going to do his job and he's gonna sit on his butt and do nothing and collect a big salary like they done in the past. Thank you.

Thanks to

Susan McVey

I think everyone in Poplar Bluff should thank Susan McVey for keeping us informed on the questionable decisions made by the present City Council.