Speak Out 4/8/14

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


down in U.S.

By a sheer accident of chance the other evening I was channel surfing trying to find something decent to watch and yet oddly upon accidentally hitting the button and turned on the closed captioning I scrolled across the opening credits for that cartoon that many watch called "Sponge Bob Square Pants" and I came to the realization that education is now dead in America when I happened upon the fact that the Department of Education sponsors "Sponge Bob Square Pants" and Nickelodeon. I'm truly starting to wonder how low our educational standards are to become before parents wake up and look at the tripe that is set in front of their children and it's being called educational. Wake up, America! It's time we stop being dumbed down by the media.

High school

reflects P.B.

The new high school site IS a reflection on the city. Like it or not, but all the people that come to town for all high school activities see the high school as "Poplar Bluff." A top notch high school facility reflects the whole city. If any outsider sees the high school site as a positive, that could potentially affect their personal choice of relocating for a job, business descions, or any other monetary affect. A new high school will not only affect future students, but will also affect how the rest of people using that facility. I believe that an investment in the high school is an investment in the whole community and I hope that view is shared by all.


is hurting U.S.

Well, well, well. Can you believe our wonderful government? I believe in turning around. Time to take out wood stoves. Passing the use of marijuana. I don't believe wood smoke could kill a dog and marijuana almost killed them from eating cookies with marijuana in them. The EPA and all government officials need to read and study their Bible. I don't think they'll find anywhere it tells the gays to marry. God help us. And my prayer is God help us. God bless U.S.A.