Speak Out 4/22/13

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why not stock popular brands?

This is an open letter to WalMart, Kroger, all the big stores. You know Cork is a real super good brand and they make good coffee. Folger's makes a lot, too, but the Black Silk brand--you go to Kroger. WalMart or anywhere and they are always out of it. You have to wait four to five days to get some. You know a popular brand like that, Folger's and that Black Silk, you'd think WalMart or Kroger's would have cases of it on hand. If it sells that good, they ought to order some more. Store managers--order some more Black Silk coffee--don't run out. Thank you.

Fix the bricks

I saw the ad in the paper about what people think about the bricks on Main Street. Well, I know it's history but I think they ought make them smooth. If you're gonna spend money on these other roads you ought to spend money on fixing bricks. Every time they work on the road they always have sink holes, bump holes, so my vote is make the black top over all of them. That's what I think. Thank you.

Get off the

steps all ready

To the "Fixing Things that Matter" person. Will they get off the steps all ready? And how can they say that it's not an historical thing? It is! And even if the train never comes through there, it's still an historical building and historical steps. They have something to do with Poplar Bluff. Does this person not realize this? They are not going to build like this ever again. Leave it alone all ready. Find something else to fixate yourself on. Thank you.

Smaller print

on notices

Pertaining to the VA Hospital in Poplar Bluff, Mo. They send out a notice for you to call for an appointment. The older you get the smaller print they use on the envelope and inside. Why? Have a good day.

Thank you, Home Depot

This is a Speak Out that is not complaining about nothing. Recently I lost a nephew, 28 years old. He worked at Home Depot. His name was Robert Greer. He passed away and Home Depot came. All their employees had Cardinal baseball stuff on --most people there did because he was a Cardinal fan. Home Depot paid for all of his funeral. I want to thank them for the flowers and stuff and I tell you what they're great! And that Fowler-Sullivan Funeral Home was like family. And we just wanted to thank the managers and everybody out there at Home Depot for being such nice people as they are and caring about one of their fellow employees. Thank you, Home Depot. Thank you, Fowler-Sullivan. God bless one and all. God bless the DAR for the things they do for people here in Poplar Bluff. Thank you from a concerned citizen and person who has bought the DAR for 40 years. Thank you, DAR, and God bless you.