Speak Out 8/5/12

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is there a

better solution?

Dear Speak Out: I read the ballot that was in the paper about the Twin Rivers School bond issue and I find it very offensive that the wording is a coverall blanket statement. I prefer our tax money be spent for a specific project. Also the voters have rejected this proposal before, so why don't the person or persons that are paid or elected do what they should and look for a better solution and abandon this one and not waste more money on more elections. Thank you, Speak Out.

Keep an eye

on that dude

Gary Pinkel, a Missouri football coach, seems to think that Joe Paterno is a great man. Somebody better keep an eye on that dude. Thank you.

Think before


Hey, if you want to leave your kids and your grandkids trillions of dollars in debt, vote for the incumbents.