Speak Out 6/5/12

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Inman Acres

going to dogs

I'm here reading Speak Out about Inman Acres. First of all they got a junkyard out there and now I see where they got two horses out there and according to today's paper which is Sunday they've started shootin' out there. Shootin' shotguns out there now. I used to live out there and it used to be nice. I don't know what's going on out there now, but I'm glad we got out of that place. Anyway, it was a nice place to live, but it's definitely goin' to the dogs and the horses and junkyards and now a shootin' match. Thank you.

It's time to

stop bullying

I'm calling about the article in the paper about bullying in schools and stuff and I think it's time people wrote somethin' and standin' up and checkin' into this stuff cause it's been goin' on for a long time. The reason I'm calling my granddaughter was bullied in junior high. I mean bullied. And she was bullied in another school in Ellsinore. Well, she was bullied like she said. She was up against a wall, what was she supposed to do? All she knew how to do was to fight back. She's not a mean child. She's bi-polar, but this girl was makin' fun of her and bullyin' her and kept callin' her names and that. She went to the counselor and she went to the principal, but the girl who bullied was overlooked. She got off scot-free cause; I guess Daddy had some money. My granddaughter is serving time at Sears Youth Center for a whole year probably over somethin' that was goin' on in the school that should have been stopped a long time ago. And I want to thank these kids for standin' up in paper--that was great! One of them is my granddaughter in the picture. I'm proud of her cause she knows what happened to her sister. Other kids in the school have to me and related things to me you know about the bullyin' and nothin' bein' done and I'm thankful now that's somethings bein' done. I am so thankful. And, if it takes the kids to do it, then kids go for it! We're proud of you. Maybe the people, the older people, grown-ups and school officials will open their eyes.


stay too long

Hello. I have a complaint about Lake Wappapello. It's an excellent place to camp but so much of the time you can't get a camping spot, but there are people that leave their campers there all year round and they go up there in a week or two and move 'em around and change names on 'em and they don't even camp up there. They just may go in there one or two days in a month, but they're tying it up and being very inconsiderate to keep other people out. Thank you.