Kneibert Clinic: Committed to progress and tradition

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cutting-edge digital technology along with a dose of old-fashioned tender loving care is what patients will find at Poplar Bluff's Kneibert Clinic. With a commitment to progress and tradition, the Clinic offers state-of-the-art digital technology as well as doctors and nurses who still take time to get to know each patient personally.

When Dr. Fred L. Kneibert founded Poplar Bluff's Kneibert Medical Group more than 60 years ago, digital technology wasn't so much as a blip on the horizon. But the commitment to personal care was just as strong. Many of those doctor's names from the early days of the clinic, continue to resonate throughout the community with families who entrusted the care of generations of their loved ones to these health professionals.

Dr. Marvin "Gus" Barbour, for instance, was just one of the Clinic's physicians who became much beloved by the thousands of patients he visited in their rural homes over his 42-year career at Kneibert Clinic. Since he delivered some 3,000 babies before his death in 1997, it is no surprise to find that children and grandchildren of Dr. Barbour's patients are among today's generation who visit the new "Doc Barbour" at Kneibert Clinic: Dr. Dan Barbour is a developmental psychologist who carries on his father's caring tradition.

Another family has established a second generation of care at Kneibert Clinic. Dr. Ben Till has touched the lives of many in his years as a physician at Kneibert Clinic and now enjoys having his son, Jeff Till, LCSW, working with patients through the Behavioral Health group at the clinic.

Today, state-of-the-art technology helps Kneibert Clinic health professionals add a new layer of efficiency and improved treatment to their continuing efforts to build relationships with patients based on mutual regard and caring.

Waiting times are short! Whether you have a scheduled appointment or are making an unexpected visit to the Urgent Care clinic, Kneibert Clinic's goal is a short waiting time and the best quality of care health professionals can provide. An electronic system monitors new arrivals and systematically assigns patients to available doctors for maximum efficiency. Some 90 percent of patients with appointments are seen within 15 minutes; 80 percent of walk-in patients wait less than 20-to-30 minutes.

Electronic medical records reduce the paperwork needed to register for your visit, keep mistakes to a minimum, and allow doctors to immediately view everything in your medical record with just a touch of the computer screen.

Digital extends to x-rays, mammograms, bone density scans and other services, too. Kneibert Clinic has been ahead of the curve with other technology, setting the pace as the first clinic in Poplar Bluff to offer true full field digital mammography. For the patient in for her annual mammogram, this translates to:

· Faster imaging (five times faster than old technology)

· Shorter exam time

· More accurate detection (no repeats due to improper film exposure)

· Improved contrast and visibility in images

· Greater safety for both the patient and the environment by eliminating the use of harsh chemicals to develop x-ray films and exposing the patient to muchSNpn

lower doses of radiation with digital imaging

The same advantages hold true for the state-of-the-art digital x-rays, ultrasound and bone density scans offered onsite at Kneibert Clinic. The improved results detect problems at their earliest to make treating them easier and more likely to succeed.

Dr. Kirby Turner is impressed with the efficiency of the system. "Before the patient is back from radiology, I have already received and reviewed the X-ray," he says.

"We're able to move much more quickly and accurately to help our patients."

And if you need follow-up in another office or location, the digital scans are as quickly portable as the electronic medical records. Dr. Mike Stevenson was an early supporter of this technology, having used it during multiple tours in Iraq.

"We could take X-rays, burn a CD, duct tape the CD to the wounded soldier and ship him out of Iraq to a hospital," says Stevenson.

Urgent Care is available to the community for a sudden illness or minor injury with less waiting time and lower cost than a hospital emergency room. Urgent Care is open 363 days each year, seven days each week, closing only on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.

With the oldest and one of the largest multi-specialty physician groups in the seven county area, you'll find the Kneibert Clinic in Poplar Bluff an excellent resource for everything from family practice doctors and pediatricians to specialists in sleep disorder treatment, counseling and many other specialties.

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