Fish and Fun Day reels in big crowd

Thursday, May 24, 2012

There was a possible record number of kids at the SEMO Sportsman's annual Kids Fish and Fun Day last Saturday. We try to get everyone to register but some of the kids don't wait to sign in, they just head for the water to fish. We don't keep track of how many fish each year but the lake was lined with kids and parents.

The weather was perfect for the event except the wind was blowing out of the southeast and "when the wind is in the East, it's neither good for man nor beast" as the saying goes and it proved to be true for this event.

The fish didn't bite very good but there lots of bluegill that were caught. I didn't see a catfish landed this year. In the past, several good channel catfish were caught. I did see one proud little girl show off a crappie before releasing it back into the lake.

When my great-grandson Brayden signed in, he was number 148 and lots of kids registered after him. Some of those who registered didn't stay for the meal and missed out on the prize drawings.

The casting contest was put on by the local unit of the U.S. Forest Service and the winners were Jude Taggert, Trent Vincent, Joey Ellis, Chris Simpson, Blace Galbreth, Ryan Allen and Chase Nehrkorn.



With the approach of the first summer holiday, it looks like the weatherman will be cooperative. Sunny days are predicted for the weekend and showers moving in on Monday afternoon. This will give campers and others who are going outdoors a good opportunity to enjoy their outings.

Saturday also is the date for the opening of squirrel and bass fishing in streams seasons. Fishermen and women are reminded there is a length limit on bass caught in streams.

There appears to be a good crop of squirrels in the area. The squirrels that have fed at our wild bird feeders continue to check out the tree to see if there is any free meals but they go away disappointed as we have quit putting out food for them.

There are lots of acorns on the ground from the good crop last year and there are other foods that squirrels enjoy in the springtime. They enjoy mulberries but for some reason, they don't seem to like blackberries. We have the makings of a good crop of blackberries if we can get some rainfall.

"Safety Is No Accident." That reminder was seen by this writer recently on a vehicle bumper sticker.

Wappapello Lake is at summer recreation pool level and boating and fishing should be good.



I received a call from a woman who said her daughter placed bananas in her yard for the terrapins to eat. She said that the yard was cleaned out every morning after the food as placed in the yard.

With the price of bananas as high as it is, that's pretty expensive food but if you enjoy it, keep it up. Maybe you will keep some of the terrapins out of the neighbor's gardens.

They are no longer welcome around our house. When we find one, it will be transported far enough away so that it will not return.



I mentioned to Conservation agent Frank Campa that the rabbits were causing me trouble in the garden. He said that he was overrun with squirrels. He mentioned that one year when he stored some sunflower seeds in the garage squirrels chewed a hole in the door to get to the seeds.

I have caught four rabbits in the same trap for relocation. There were two of them in the same trap one morning this week.



For beaglers who hunt the UKC events, this weekend, May 26, the State Youth Beagle Hunt will be at Mansfield, Mo.

The hunt and shows all begin at 7 a.m. Usually the hunt is first and the shows start around 10 a.m. but this event isn't advertised like that.

UKC competition coon hunts and shows this weekend are at Patterson Mo. and DeSoto, Mo.

The Clearwater Coon Hunters will have a hunt only at 8 p.m. May 25. It is a MCHF, MSCHA Show-Me Showdown and Governors Cup points event.

The DeSoto event is May 26. The show is at 6:30 p.m. and the hunt entries close at 7:30.

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