First Choice Insurance Agency LLC

Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Choice Insurance Agency LLC offers all types of insurance from automobile, home and health insurance to commercial and farm insurance.

The business was started in 1991 by Steve Phillips, who owns the agency and his wife, Nikki, who keeps the books, said their son, Matt, the marketing manager and account executive for the new commercial accounts.

"We are able to give each client the attention that they deserve," Matt said. "We are a family-owned and operated office but we give them the options of a big company, while still making them a part of our FCI family."

In the future, Matt said, his family wants to see the business "continue providing options for all of our clients and community needs."

While the business' headquarters are in Poplar Bluff, they have licenses for Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi with more than 160 companies to offer their customers making them a truly independent insurance agency.

First Choice Insurance takes the time to listen to the customers and find out what their concerns are and what their needs are.

It takes its position as an insurance advisor or consultant seriously and places the customers with the best policy that fits their needs.

"We have been in the insurance industry for nearly 20 years. We have trained our staff that our motto, 'Our family protecting your family' is how we live," Nikki Phillips said. "Our clients are not just clients; they're our friends, our neighbors. They are our family. We take to heart our responsibility to put the clients needs and concerns first."

First Choice Insurance is located on 1359 N. Westwood Bvd., Poplar Bluff, Mo. and is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. If you have any questions, please call 573-686-2870 or visit it's Web site at of the business' Facebook page to keep up with all local events, as well as weather and giveaways.

"We would be honored in continuing to be your, 'first and only choice' in protecting and building your assets," Matt said.

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