Speak Out 1/15/12

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Forget the fish

Where the school was giving out coats and shoes. After having stood out in the line two and one-half hours, and I got in, I found out that it was one coat per household and one pair of shoes per household and each kid got one toy and they was giving away food. And, having a family of four I received two loaves of bread and a bag of diapers. I guess they must have forgotten about the fish.

Another view

Thank you, DAR, for publishing all the great opinions in Speak Out column. I'm a Democrat, so I read all the pieces by Walter Williams, Mona Charen and George Will just to know the opposition. It's usually hard to argue with George Will, but he's been wrong a couple of times lately. He's joined the movement to rollback federal regulations because, as they all say, regulations kills jobs and close businesses. But, don't we all know from our own personal experiences that every time a business incurs another cost that cost is immediately passed on to the consumers? Yes, regulations may raise prices for all of us, but they don't cost jobs and they don't close businesses. Walmart closes businesses. And EPA regulations have made huge gains in public health nationwide. What is this opposition to the Chevy Volt? The Volt is NOT Obama's idea. The Volt has been in the works since 2006 or earlier. Everybody who fusses about gas prices should be glad to have another option.