Speak Out 1/4/12

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poor service equals cutbacks

While many may decry the loss of mail service as something terrible, something awful, they actually brought it on themselves. Poor performance and overly, and I mean, overly burdensome pension and health plan and I could go on and on and on. Some of the post offices I've visited around the country are almost like Taj Mahals, but let's continue on. As far as people getting their social security checks--what a fine way for the government to force those that are still getting them in paper to direct deposit. That way they won't have to worry about snail mail. And those getting meds through the mail--well, I get mine just fine because our med company gave up on the postal service long ago. They now use UPS and FedEx because they get 100 percent guarantee of actually finding the person's address. Yes, it's me out here in Town and Country subdivision again. Just wanting to let the locals here in Poplar Bluff know that you guys have shot yourselves in the foot and I can't cry one little bit of purple Kool-Aid for ya. So, poor service demands cutbacks and it's about time.

Parties vs money

Yes. I was calling about Christmas parties put on by companies where people work. We had noticed just through word of mouth and sometimes the bosses and stuff will come right out and tell ya.

Through our friends and family we had noticed that, you know, sometimes these Christmas parties add up to a lot of money. You know, sometimes four digits and stuff like that for the big places where you work. You know, the employees at some of the places this year are not getting Christmas bonuses for the economy being bad and, you know, it just makes common sense instead of giving an expensive Christmas party or even if they try to keep the Christmas party simple it's still gonna cost an awful lot of money. Most people are hurtin' for money this time of year. They'd probably rather have the money that would have been spent on a party in their paychecks even if it's just a tiny bit divided up instead of a Christmas party. Who needs a party when you gotta pay bills? Just sayin'. That's something to think about for these people that think they have to throw parties every year for their employees. You know, Briggs & Stratton and all these places. Hmm, the people would really rather have the money even if it's not very much. So, anyway, thanks.



Yes, it's almost Christmas time and let's not forget what Christmas stands for. It's Jesus's birthday. And, we celebrate it and Jesus is so wonderful for us. Just remember Him on His birthday. Just put Him in your heart and keep Him in your heart in this Christmas season and love Him and appreciate Him for what He's done--dying for ya so you could be saved and be happy. So just remember Jesus on this day. Not only this day, but everyday!

Pay to keep the factory open

Yes, Speak Out, I'd like to comment on the DAR article Monday about the 140 Fortis employees being laid off. First of all, I'd like to say that I feel sorry for the 140 people. I know how it is, but am I the only one that sees how ironic this is? The 140 jobs going to Mexico and then the State is going to help re-train the 140 workers for new jobs that aren't even here. All the jobs are going to Mexico and China because of corporate greed. It would be so much cheaper for the damn State just to pay Fortis to keep the factory open. Something's gonna have to give, folks, or there's gonna be a revolution in the United States. And, it's gonna come pretty quick. Thank you. Bye.

Seaching for

local Tea Party

How do you contact the Butler County Tea Party? I'm not talking about the Emerson-Randall Party, but the true Tea Party. Help me out here, people.