Speak Out 11/27/11

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A stem cell


Yeah, I was watching CBS News the other night about the stem cell surgery on a man's heart. He was 39 years old and had 30 percent scar tissue on his heart, 98 percent blockage. They took the stem cells out of his heart and rejuvenated them and made more in a laboratory and then put 'em back in his damaged heart. Now he's up jogging and feeling like a new man and everything said, it's like a miracle and everything. Well, I call it a miracle and I believe in that. I don't believe in cloning but I believe in this stem cell stuff. I'll bet you money if something happens to George Bush, he tried to block it for years, but I bet you if something happens to him he'll be one of the first men to jump up there and say, "Give me that stem cell surgery." They've always tried to block somethin' new until they need it. Thank you. Bye.

Public seeks quality from city

Our city council and sadly yet our manager of City Cable has decided that Channel 42 is the bee's knees for our community. That's right! You Too can be on TV. Have your 15 minutes of fame, you brain dead idiots. That's right. You heard me exactly what I said. If you want to do this type of nonsense, get on your computers and do it all day long. That's what they're there for, but taking my television and putting that nonsense on there and eliminating a quality channel for this nonsense doesn't cut it. So, Poplar Bluff, time to 1) vote out our city council; 2) get better management at City Cable; and 3) if none of that works, go to DISH network. Mind you, we're paying for service and quite expensively. We don't need trash TV provided by City Cable. We need quality. I repeat, quality provided by City Cable. I only wish the managers get that through their thick skulls out there. But, then, again, when does our city council and City Cable ever listen to the public. Never.