Speak Out 9/22/11

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Taxes pay for

political errors

America, we can now truly see the failure of government trying to pick winners and losers in business. And by that I mean, the Solyndra fiasco. Not only was this company a large contributor to the Obama Campaign, but with them now going bankrupt they will not be repaying $500 million that they got in stimulus money. Remember, people, it's our taxes that pay for these types of political boondoggles. It's time we deserve better. There should be an investigation, but who wants to bet that Obama will sweep this under the rug so he doesn't drag him down next November? Anybody wanting to lay odds? Hard to say, but that's our tax money, people, and to blow half a billion dollars in that type of failure with the direct ties he had to that company there should be some culpability in the White House, don't you think?

Stupid enough

to pay for air?

We all know that things are going bad in the economy and businesses are really having a hard time making ends meet, but when a company, especially a company as old as the Hershey Corp.--you know, the chocolate company--decides to start marketing air as an enhancement to the chocolate --same size bar, but full of air, which means you're getting less chocolate but paying the same price if not more in certain locations, depending upon which store you buy them from. Now think about it. Do you actually want to get full measure or fall for the ploy of buying air? Air is free. At least until the EPA starts taxing us for our CO 2 content. So, think about it. Have we all gotten that bad in America that now we are silly enough to fall for the ploy to buy air. But, then again, it is a marketed-driven industry and Americans are silly enough to fall for the stupidest ideas.

School hours

burden parents

I am a grandmother who just took my grandson to school an hour late because of the short school day. I just wonder how all the parents without family are getting their kids to school? I wish everyone would just keep the kids at home on these days. I'll bet it would just take one day for other arrangements to be made. I cannot believe they would burden so many families with this. What about doing it on Saturday morning? A lot less people would be involved.