Throwback Thursday: R-I says no to smoking on campus in 1989

Thursday, August 15, 2019
Yearbook images courtesy of the Poplar Bluff Municipal Library

The 1989 student body of Poplar Bluff High School saw some radical policy changes take place that year. According to an article in the Daily American Republic from Wednesday, June 7, 1989, during a summer meeting, the R-I board okayed a student non-smoking policy to take effect in the fall for the 1989-90 school year. The article further notes "The group discussed for some time whether to go on allowing students to smoke, to ban student smoking all together or to phase it out…letting the students know that their smoking days at school are numbered." R-I also made the decision to "close" its campus in 1989. Students were no longer free to leave school property during their lunch hours as was previously allowed. A few pages from the 1989 "The Bluff" yearbook make up this week's Throwback Thursday gallery.